April 2015

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Spring is in full swing and we're getting lots more lovely sunshine here! April was another busy month, here are a few of my April Highlights:

A Beautiful Spring Wedding

I photographed Georgie and Matt's beautiful wedding at Kentwell Hall this month! A full blog post is coming soon...

I also had some great venue visits with couples whose weddings I am photographing later in the year - stunning locations, can't wait!

Commercial work

This month saw some image processing work at a picture library, and some portrait photographs for the fabulous Liz Leatherdalde at Colchester Classics, amongst other, yet to be published work!

Liz LeatherdaleLiz LeatherdalePortrait of Liz Leatherdale, Colchester Classics & Classical Music columnist, by Jayne Lloyd For more of my commercial work visit my other website, www.jaynelloyd.co.uk.

Editorial work

Following on from the publication of Old Tat magazine last month, I collaborated with Alice Freeman on another feature this month. It's off with the editor now so hopefully we'll see it in the next edition! 

Resolutions update

My One Line a Day diary and 1 Second Everyday have pretty much completely stopped. How rubbish! One line each day and 1 second of video should be easy to keep up! I might try to restart them again - I should!

Exhibition of the Month: I'm sorry to say I didn't make it to any exhibitions this month- terrible! I'll be making up for it in May... I did go to check out Kentwell Hall prior to the wedding though, and enjoyed the Tudor reenactments with Tim. Not an exhibition, I realise, but lots of learning and looking at the amazing building and grounds.

Learn: Well I did learn about Kentwell Hall and Tudors... The BWN had another great masterclass where I learnt a lot from Mary Keightley

Business Women's Network event, 17 April 2015.Business Women's Network event, 17 April 2015.Its Tough Ladies, With International Speaker Coach and Trainer – Mary Keightley. Business Women's Network event, 17 April 2015. Make more art: My personal documentary project is still going, and I've been enjoying Instagramming lots this month too. 

4: I stood here... and wondered how the party was going #fmsphotoaday

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Enter more competitions: This one is still going strong - this month I entered a couple of competitions. It's keeping me creative and thinking more...

New recipe of the week: I'm very sad to say that this came to an end this month :-( having been desperate to carry on it just got too difficult as I moved house. I think I kept it going for about 3 years so I'm still proud of that, but a bit sad to have lost it. Once I'm settled in the new house I'll probably try to keep up regularly trying new recipes each week if I can, though maybe not as strictly as before.

5: Egg... #fmsphotoaday

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Weekly montage

I think my favourite montage this month was probably this one from 14th April - lots of spring colours!

Well, that was my April - how was yours?


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