November 2014

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November was another busy month with a lot of different things happening!

Here are a few highlights from November:

A 50th Wedding Anniversary

The first job of November was a wonder 50th Wedding Anniversary party in Ipswich. It was a fantastic night, filled with dancing and laughter, and a lot of fun to photograph. 

Val and Terry's Golden Wedding AnniversaryVal and Terry's Golden Wedding AnniversaryVal and Terry's 50th Wedding Anniversary party in the Wolsey Room at the Holiday Inn, Ipswich

Commercial Work

November was a busy and very varied month for my commercial work! I was commissioned for a feature for a new magazine, an action-packed day in the studio with the fantastic Simboc Ltd., headshots with Success Recruit, lots of business networking events, and I had the privillege of photographing in the iconic Savoy Hotel in London, documenting the Garden Media Guild Awards ceremony. It was an incredible day!


Resolution Update:

Recipe of the week is still going strong, but the photos of those recipes are not so much. I think my favourite was this Cajun Rice recipe, which was pretty easy, but felt like quite a treat.
The French has slightly fallen by the wayside at the moment so I need to make a real effort to get that going again. As far as visiting exhibitions goes, I'm not doing too well there either, but I'm really pleased that I managed to visit Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London. It was an incredible installation and very moving to witness.
The weekly montages are continuing, but it is tricky to do them when I've been busy with commissioned work, as I can't always share those images straight away. I think my favourite this month was this action-packed one from 6th November, with highlights from the Ideas Festival and halloween activities. 
How was your November?


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