December 2014

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December is always a busy but lovely month, and one of my favourites as I do love Christmas!

Here are a few highlights from December:

Commercial Work

It was another busy month for work I had a day of shooting at the Geffrye, photographing their Christmas Past exhibition and products for their online shop, and a several days processing images for their online shop. 
I also worked with a new client, the fantastic Dancing Giraffe, who were donating Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings to Emmaus in Colchester.

Christmas Fun

I had a lovely weekend away with friends for our annual Christmas meal together, a wonderful quiet family Christmas, and a chance to properly relax and take some time off before New Year. I enjoyed delicious food, lots of lazing about, and even some trips out and about.

Resolution Update

Well, at the end of the year I think I can safely say I didn't quite succeed on all of my resolutions, but I think I did better than if I hadn't set them at all! Here's my progress report:

1. Go to at least one exhibition a month

I didn't manage this, but I went to more than last year, which I guess is a start! I ended the year well by going to two in one day - Guy Bourdin: Image Maker, and Chris Stein/Negative, both at Somerset House in London. 

2. Learn

This was a fairly broad resolution anyway, really just being to 'make an effort to learn more and push myself'. With the variety of work I did this year I think I can say I did that. My lighting skills developed a huge amount, I took on new challenges photographically, and learnt a lot about running a business too. I wanted to improve my French but that fell a bit by the way-side. One to pick up for 2015!

Business Women's Network, Colchester, 16 July 2014Business Women's Network, Colchester, 16 July 2014The BIG BWN Summer Networking & Showcase Event 16th July. Business Women's Network event, 2014.

3. Make more art

This was an attempt to do more of my own personal work and I did take steps to do that. Introducing a weekly montage way a good way to make myself do it as I can't always share commissions straight away and need something else to fill up the spaces! This is my favourite from this month: 29th December, which features lots of lovely Christmas moments:

I've also started a personal documentary project - it's still taking shape at the moment but in 2015 this should develop more.


4. Enter more competitions

Well I think I did enter more of them, but didn't quite give it the huge push I should have. I'll carry this through to 2015 and take it up a level!


5. Carry on trying a new recipe each week

This one I did complete - I kept 'new recipe of the week' going all year, which makes it three years running! I didn't photograph them all, but I did do it!
How was your December? Hope you had a lovely time and wish you all the best for the year ahead!


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